With our friend Kenneth at his wedding, 1998

Another wedding pic, with Kenneth and his bride, Christy

James at church, 1999

Dave at church, 1999

James and Kenneth from their "Pepper Pyromania Page, 2000-Click Here to visit.

James, with nephew Jordan, and nieces Jennifer and Stephanie, Thanksgiving 2000

James with Mom and Stephanie, Thanksgiving 2000

James at church, 2001

Dave in an ad for the now-defunt Cafe Noir coffee shop, 2002

Dave at James' house, Christmas, 2003

Dave surfing the web, 2003

Dave with his Power Wagon, complete with fuzzy dice! 2003

Power Wagon profile shot, 2003

James on New Years Eve, 2003

James' cat, Millie, wakes from a nap, 2003

Flashback photo: James with hair! High school graduation pic, 1985

Dave in his Union reinactors uniform, 2004

Outdoor shot. God save the Union! 2004

James' sister, Sandy, who passed away in 2004

James with niece Stephanie at her college graduation, 2004

Family graduation photo, 2004

Dave's Naval Reserve ID photo, 2004

Dave strikes a pose at Douglas Lake, 2004

Dave after church at a reinactment, 2004

Dave with his Dodge Mirada, 2004

Imbibing some caffeine at "Holy Grounds" coffee shop, 2004

Note from James: There is a plant behind my head. This was Not intentional, LOL, 2004

James' Mom, Helen, 2004

Millie catches some rays, 2004

James goes aerodynamic, 2005

James with new love Sandi, 2005

Another shot of James & Sandi, 2005

Dave and Julia after church, 2005

Hamming it up at Holy Grounds, 2005

James and Kenneth pose with their award-winning salsa, 2006

Dave and Julia visit Appomattox, 2006

Dave at VMI, 2006

Dave "pops the question" to Julia! 2006

Julia says yes! 2006

Julia says yes (another angle) 2006

The happy couple, 2006

WEDDING PHOTOS! Sandi and James

The Wedding Party

With Pastors Larry and Diane Keith

The "Big 3"-Dave, James, Kenneth

An "Extreme Close Up" of Dave

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