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Are you a regular visitor to James & Dave's Bible Page? We have many features, including our Bible articles, study and search tools, links, and many other resources designed to help you in your daily walk with God. You might want to consider making us your default homepage. This will take you directly to our site every time you log onto the net!

Whether you use Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer , just choose your browser below, and follow the simple instructions:

Netscape Navigator version 3.x

1. Select Options then go to General Preferences

2. Click on the Appearance tab

3. Select Browser starts with: Home Page Location

4. Then, type into the box below

5. Click OK to complete.

Netscape Navigator version 4.x

1. Select Edit then Preferences

2. Click on the Navigator tab

3. Select Navigator starts with: Home Page

4. Then, type into the box below

5. Click OK, to complete

Internet Explorer version 3.x

1. Select View then go to Options

2. Click on the Navigation tab

3. Use pull down menu to select Start

4. Type into the address box

5. Click OK to complete.

Internet Explorer version 4.x

1.Select View then Options

2.Click on the Navigation tab

3.Use pull down menu to select Start Page

4.Type into the address box

5.Click OK to complete.


He Died For You

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